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12/01/2010 thejuice : about

about us

thejuice dares to be different. We recognise that every client has different needs, wants and desires and we push the boundaries constantly to overachieve this expectation.

thejuice believes that their strengths lie in the quality of service and attention to detail. We strive to ensure that every clients needs are met energetically with spectacular results. With offices in key geographical locations we are able to think globally and act locally.

Dare us to be the best ……thejuice……

brand development

We recognise that creating a brand is in itself an exciting challenge and that the key to its success is the maximisation of the brand and the longevity it can achieve. A brand is a way of life that should be nurtured and able to thrive.

Every brand you have created will have evoked an emotion within you; and we respect that this is also what will form the link with consumers when they are faced with a choice.

Our challenge is to unlock the brand values to ensure the consumer buy in.

A challenge we relish……thejuice……

brand engagement

The term loosely used to form an attachment between a brand and a person. Brand engagement is a unique and complex science because it combines an emotional and a rational attachment which was historically created partly by institutions and organisations and using traditional “touch points”.

The advent of a new social media mix has shifted the balance giving a more collaborative approach.

Let us touch the right points together……thejuice……


Sales may just happen if you have a good product or opportunity but they can be so much more effective with a focussed approach and an end goal in mind.
The planning and execution of the promotion of your products can vary enormously depending on what you are selling but the end result should still be the same!

The objective to maximising your sales is to know your products and know your marketplace. By understanding what you are selling we are able to analyse market trends and advise on effective advertising and selling strategies

Whether you are a retailer, a financial institution or a publishing company the key is to increase market share.

Let us help you unlock the potential……thejuice……

operational support

We recognise that you want to get on with the dynamic part of the business and we want to help you to do that. We are also happy to help with some of the other necessary parts of bringing your ideas to fruition and helping you to manage the whole process.

Creative development: brainstorming, concept, design, creative, modelling, sampling

Project Management: sourcing, manufacture, packaging, QA/QC, factory audits, safety testing

Logistics: packing, transportation, customs clearance

Your idea managed……thejuice……

intellectual property

Intellectual Property refers to creation of the mind whether artistic, literary or commercial.

thejuice can assist you with protecting your idea as well as maximise your investment whether that has been in time or development costs, ensuring that you can share your ideas with like minded people and be rewarded accordingly.

Maximise the brand together……thejuice……

social media

Here at thejuice we are continuously looking at how online social trends will affect company brands, how companies will engage their customer’s using these trends and how that engagement would grow over time.

We are a big believer in getting customers to learn to talk, learn to listen and respond correctly to the online world.

Join the conversation……thejuice……


Brand Licensing is a vast business. In its simplest form it is the agreement of the brand owner to allow another company or person to use the brand, usually subject to a licensing fee or royalty rate.

Sounds innocuous but in reality it is a rapidly growing dynamic environment which cannot stand still.

Licensing the brand is only the beginning……thejuice……