Boys vs Girls 4D

17/09/2014 thejuice : news

New 4D Attraction Film for the Juice

The Juice are pleased to announce that they have signed an exclusive deal to distribute the new 4D attraction film Boys vs Girls 4D which is currently in production and will be available for licensing March 2015.

Boys vs Girls 4D brings a light hearted new dimension in the battle of the sexes. Girls are from Venus, Boys are from Mars and Earth is the battleground, only no-one ever told these mighty warriors just how small they are!

From the giant planets of deep space to the tiny world of a back garden; the dazzling environments, hilarious characters, action, adventure and even romance makes Boys vs Girls 4D a unique, amazing 4D film for the entire family.

Pauline Quayle director of The Juice commented, “We are particularly excited to sign Boys vs Girls 4D as we have not seen a 4D film similar to this in the market place and feel there is scope for great opportunities for additional revenue streams with this film”

A teaser of the film will be available at the EAS show on booth 8133
Licences will be available individually or as part of a pack. The film is distributed on behalf of Engine House 4D.