Space Driver (03:42)

Dome Show Duration: 03:34
Format: Dome – 4096×4096, 30 fps, 2D
Audio: 5.1

VR Show Duration: 03:34
Format: VR Headset
Audio: 5.1

In a galaxy far away…
In the far distant future…
You still need a driver’s license…

Navigate your ship through the space station.
Follow the track and avoid the obstacles, to reach the finish alive and safe.
Complete your space driving test to get your first Space Driver license.

Space Driver
A new immersive 360 and VR ride show
Go the edge and beyond

To enquire about licensing please email or
call +44 (0) 207 193 7473

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    new films, VR Headset, full dome, space, roller coaster

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