Robin Hood 4D

09/11/2010 thejuice : news

4D Show Duration:09:10
Format: 3D HD
Audio: 5.1

Within the towers of her castle, timid princess MARION is preparing for her wedding to the callous SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM; when her room is invaded and her jewels stolen by a mysterious outlaw in green. The charismatic stranger whisks Marion up in an action packed adventure as he tries to escape the castle and evade the Sheriff, dazzling her with his amazing skill with the bow and arrow and introducing her to a fantastic new world of excitement and romance. But when the thief is caught and sentenced to death Marion faces a desperate decision between her future with the Sheriff and the feelings in her heart for the outlaw ROBIN HOOD.

Bringing the legendary ROBIN HOOD to 4D attractions for the first time, ROBIN HOOD 4D is a family action adventure that takes audiences of all ages on the whirlwind journey of Maid Marion as she plunges into a world of excitement and falls for the dashing, reckless outlaw.

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